[Hanoi Creative City] 2015/12/28 Dóo Cung Event on VTV6 - Chuyển động 24h

Event b%u1EAFn cung S�ng T%u1EA1o %u0111%u1EA7u ti�n t%u1EA1i H� N%u1ED9i do D�o Entertainment t%u1ED5 ch%u1EE9c %u0111� thu h�t r%u1EA5t nhi%u1EC1u b%u1EA1n tr%u1EBB %u0111%u1EBFn tham d%u1EF1!

%u0110�i truy%u1EC1n h�nh c%u1EE7a gi%u1EDBi tr%u1EBB VTV 6 %u0111� %u0111%u1EBFn %u0111%u01B0a tin ngay trong s%u1ED1 Chuy%u1EC3n %u0111%u1ED9ng 24h ng�y h�m sau!

D�o Cung (Arrow of D�o) was the first creative arrow shooting contest for everyone in Hanoi. It attracted so many young people and created a great experience for all participants

Channel VTV6 - The most popular channel for Youth had broadcast the news about that event the following day!

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