Perplexity of Pleasure

It is 2020, and aside from the plague, one thing we often see on our timelines is WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. So let’s talk about the topic we Pakistani women are still not ready to talk about: Female Orgasm.
For women, orgasm is thought of as taboo and many people don’t even think it is a real thing. But it is a fact that during orgasm, our brain is working overtime to produce many different hormones and neurochemicals. One of these is dopamine, a hormone that is responsible for feelings of pleasure, desire, and motivation. And fun fact: Dopamine as a medicine can help prevent depressive-like behaviours. In simple words, DOPAMINE MAKES US HAPPY. Studies show that female orgasm and sexual pleasure has a significant effect on self-esteem and a feeling of satisfaction. It has profound impacts on our physical and mental wellbeing.
The reason why we don’t talk about the female orgasm is that it is still a taboo. It means women are still not aware of the power their bodies hold. They are still afraid to talk about it. But it is time women demand this right from their partners because every time a woman feels good, is satisfied by sex, it means she is rising against patriarchy. Because for many people, women exist simply for men’s pleasure and reproduction purposes. A woman who knows what she wants, a woman who can tell her significant others what she likes is a woman who loves herself.
To read about how Islam gives women the right to a satisfying sex life read :

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