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You need more than just your eyes to enjoy the solar eclipse on Monday, the first in just over a hundred years. For the historic occasion, singer Bonnie Tyler was asked to perform her biggest hit.
It's title, "Total Eclipse of the Heart", is certainly appropriate for the occasion. Most people are familiar with the tune from her Faster Than the Speed of Night album, which stayed at number one for three straight weeks back in 1983.
The tune is remembered mostly for its catchy chorus of "Turn Around Bright Eyes" and Tyler's powerful delivery. It has in recent years appeared in numerous commercials on both TV and radio.
Ten years earlier, however, an even more popular song helped make eclipse a familiar word for music fans without an avid interest in astronomy. Like Tyler's single it hit number one, but it outlasted her reign by two weeks before eventually being selected as song of the year for 1972.
"You're So Vain" by Carly Simon references the solar event in the final verse, when the vain person she is addressing takes a jet to Nova Scotia to take in the view. The song, which proved to be the highlight of her Hot Cakes album, probably was the first exposure many baby boomers had to both an eclipse and the location known as Nova Scotia.
Here are four other songs, probably lesser known than either those of Tyler and Simon, that also make references to the historic meeting of the sun and the moon.
Eclipse by Pink Floyd
The closing track from the epic Dark Side of the Moon which, by the way serves as the perfect album title for this occasion, follows the lunatic on the grass, in the hall, and in the head in the eerie preceding tune called "Brain Damage."
(Same Title as the Song Above) by Twin Shadow
These indie rockers, who placed this title track on their third album, are disciples of influential forerunners such as Death Cab For Cutie and Owl City.
The Masculine Eclipse by the Beautiful South
Lyricist and singer Paul Heaton had been the master mind behind the Eighties British New Wave quartet the Housemartins before fronting this Nineties band, who recorded this tune for the Painting It Red LP.
Kiss the Eclipse by My Bloody Valentine
This song provided the title for an EP the post punk group issued in 1987, providing a romantic touch for the almost centennial skyward event.
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