How to expand your delivery services with Errands Boy?

Whether you have a taco truck, a combination of pizza, or upscale boutiques, find new ways to serve customers who want to shop and order from anywhere are the key to adapting to today's challenges.
If you want to receive orders online, on social media, or by telephone, you have a variety of choices when it comes to how customers can take or receive their items.
From taking curbside for shipping, here are some options to easily expand the way customers can get online food delivery in Dubai like pizza, sweets, cinnamon rolls, and artwork - without losing.
Apply shipping on request
On-demand delivery allows you to send shipping drivers from third-party shipping service providers (such as Errandsboy) for orders placed in your online store.
Online Square can import existing square items to create a fully optimized order page for mobile devices. Orders placed on your online ordering page are fully synchronized with your square dashboard, appearing instantly after payment in your post. The order ticket is automatically forwarded to the existing kitchen printing system.
Each shipping order is requested to trigger a request for sending to third-party shipping service providers, which fully manage the fulfillment process. Square Online provides order updates directly to your customers through text messages. With shipping on request, you can:
Save money: You will pay a flat shipping fee of $ 1.50 per order, and fees for shipping service providers (usually $ 6- $ 8 per order on shipping under three miles). You can provide shipping costs to your customers, pay for yourself, or cover it for orders more than a certain amount, eg, free shipping for orders more than $ 50.
Maintain customer relationship: Strengthen your relationship with customers and give incentives to them to return to use sales history along with your regular marketing and loyalty practices.
Stay organized: All your orders will remain in one place, so you can track sales and analytics in your square dashboard.
Learn how to arrange shipping on request.
Add the roadside or pickup in the store
If you are located in an environment where customers can go to you, you can provide them with options to buy online, take inside the store (Bopis), or take the Carbide of their orders.
If you use Square online and you enable pickup in the store, the customer placing the order will see the option for pickup in the store at checkout, and they can enter into your brick and mortar room when their order is ready to be taken.
If you activate the Curbside option, the customer will see the option for taking Curbside at checkout. Your customers will receive text messages that tell them to call the pickup location telephone number on arrival, and you or staff you can put their orders into the car waiting for them.
Learn how to set up pickups in stores and curbside pickups.
Organize local delivery
With local shipping Square, you can offer shipping for customers in the geographical range that you specify, and use your own staff (or you) to deliver goods. Customers who meet the requirements can choose shipping when checkout and choose to receive sending text warnings.
Local food delivery: When you enable local shipping with a square online at your restaurant, the booking ticket sent to your kitchen will print all details on the shipping section.
Local retail shipping: When you enable local shipping with a square online at your retail store, customers can choose shipping at checkout. Ticket ordered orders to your sales point will print shipping details in the note section.
For retail and food, you can also set the estimated delivery time, shipping costs, and minimum shipping order values with best food delivery in Dubai.
Work with shipping partners
You can also arrange shipping through integration with square partners. This integration can help you offer customer shipments via couriers, accept online orders from customers, and manage orders from this platform in your square sales point.

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